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Type : Flat or multi door
Pat load : 40 ton
Dimensions : (12500 X 2600 X 1500) mm
Total length Approx. 12, 6 meter.
General description Simi-trailer suitable for heavy duty fit for loading one 40 feet container or two 20 feet containers and also equipped with 8 twist lock.
Main chassis Made of standard (I) beams. enforced internally & externally with adequate number of transverses cross members to insure a proper loading in middle with chassis is totally equipped with all the loading requirements & conditions in middle east and Africa
Platform cover The main chassis & frame are covered with 4/5 mm thickness checkered plat to match heavy duty loading and operation conditions,


Accessories –          Fuel tank

–          Spare tire holder

–          Empty tool box

–          Heavy duty rear bumper

–          Water tank 400 lit

–          8 ISO twist locks suit to 2X20 containers



Axles Axles budge type
Disk wheel & tires 8+1 Tire size 1200 R 24
Braking system Air actuated automatic works with servo in two lines with the truck & with air tank 80 liter


Suspension Heavy duty mechanical suspension , with arms, brackets and full with multi-leaf springs suitable for heavy loads


Landing  gears The trailer is equipped with landing gears, with a static load of 60 tons. And dynamic load of 24 tons
King pin 2* or 3.5* king pin.
Painting Two layers of primer after treatment of sand plasting, then two layers of final coating for the required color
Electrical system 24 volts. 6pole connecting. 3 side lamps and 2 lamps at rear
Landing legs 25 tons mechanical landing legs