Tipper Trcuk

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    MODEL ZZ3257N3647A/HOWO
    CAB : Sleeper with AC
    LOAD CAPACITY Front Axle                   9000    Kg
      Rear Axle                    32000 Kg
    Gross weight              41000 Kg
     Loading capacity        16 – 18 m
    ENGINE      Power                           371HP
       Displacement              9726 CC
       Water cooling              40L
       Oil filling quantity        23L
    CLUTH Single plate dry diaphragm – spring , diameter 430mm    WABCO
    TRANSMISSION      HOWO , model HW19710 , 10 forward & 2 reverse
    Axle    Front : rigid stud Axle , drum brake
     Rear : Double drive Axle
            And differentials between the Wheels
          Rear tandem Axle of tie rods
    Tire & Rim        1200 X 24 (8.5”x24 Rim)
    Fuel System    Double Fuel filter
         Fuel tank capacity (300 liter)
    Cooling System        Water Cooling system
         Rigid fan coupling
    Instrument & Equipments  German VDO active check central controller with indicators
         Equipped with P.T.O
         Batteries 2X12 V , 165 A
    Steering ZF power Steering , model ZF8098 Hydraulic with power assistance
    Air filter    Double air filter with air intake from the top of the cab
     Cyclone filter
         Air filter element with safety heavy duty operation