Fuel Tanker

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    Tanker Body specification :
    Capacity 9000 galloon (40500 LIT).
    Tanker Body Dimensions (10300*2520*1800) mm.
    Total Length Approx. 11 meter.
    Main shell Made of mild steel welded ,reinforced internally & externally with adequate number of transverses cross members to insure a proper loading welded to the chassis , Thickness 4 mm .
    Chassis Made of Standard IPE 200 enforced internally with adequate number of cross members to insure a proper loading balance .
    Dish end TV type ,  6numbers of mild steel thickness 4 mm .
    Accessories – Fuel tank 200 lit capacity.

    – spare tire holder

    – Empty tool box

    – heavy duty rear bumper

    – rear hock

    – water Tanker 85 LIT

    Axles Three Axles 12 Tons load per axle at 105 km/h (single tires) .
    Disk Wheels & Tires 6+1 spare disk type,  with tires size 385/65R22.5 ,made for high ways .
    Braking system Air brake system actuated automatic works with servo in two lines with the truck.
    Suspension Heavy duty VB mechanical suspension type with arms , bracket and full with multi –leaf springs suitable for heavy loads .
    Landing Gears The Tanker is equipped with two landing gears , with a static load of 60 tons , and dynamic load of 24 tons .
    King pin (2 or 3.5) king pin
    Painting Internal coating :

    Full coating with epoxy after treatment and preparing.

    External coating :

    Two layers of primer after treatment of sand blasting, then two layers of final coating for the required color.

    Electrical system 24 volts, 6pole connection. 3 side lamps and at rear.
    Landing legs 25 ton mechanical landing legs.
    charging 2 fuel tanker manhole cover 16 with breather valve
    discharge 2 Discharge valve 4 or 3

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