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Sudan the land of river Nile, civilizations, culture diversity, nature recourses. Which are considered as of the main factor that contributing the establishing of many industrial commercial projects. These have a dimension of development, and great economic value that make Sudan  pioneer in horizon of the distinction and leadership.

About 50 km south of Khartoum, raise Giad industrial city, to add for nationalization of developmental industries, and open a new doors for the investment in the advance modern industries in the country.

Due to the importance of the manufacturing of vehicles and its role of development and improvement of transportation, the vehicles sectors has been established at Giad industrial city, which open thousands ways of the Sudanese nation  for Construction and development.

GIAD TRUCK COMPANY LTD is the pioneer for localization and development industries in the Sudan.

GIAD TRUCK COMPANY LTD, is one of vehicles sector companies at Giad industrial city, which is working in the area of manufacturing and assembling of trucks and buses on both local and regional level.

At production lines which are of most sophisticated types in the world, it joined international technology in the field of cutting machines, forming machines, assembling machines, surface cleaning machines, and painting drying equipments, all these runs by training and qualified cadres. The company is worked in localization of trucks manufacturing and its applications in the country. In order to support the country strategy of developing and updating transportation sector, The company work in providing interesting share and to pave the way of suitable production atmosphere so as produce the famous MAN and RENAULT trucks according to the international specifications.

In the field of the equipment and tools, the company is manufacturing different capacities for fuel and water tankers, trailer and semi trailer and tipper 16, 18 and 22 cubic meters ,Fire fighter, garbage and containers trucks.

GIAD TRUCK COMPANY LTD is working in the development and modernization of all human and productive Capabilities which will leads to the leadership and pioneering in order to increase customer’s satisfaction through the applications quality standards in all productions management and quality process in the company according to Standard ISO (9001:2000).

GIAD TRUCK COMPANY LTD is always working for localization and development and updating of its product so as to support the development process in the country.

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